Perfect brew timing

Every morning, commuters across London partake in the “cardboard coffee cup ceremony”. Carrying their disposable mugs like a royal orb. The daily morning demand for takeaway coffee is habitual, or for some a necessity. Brew drinkers visit cafés in waves throughout the day. The first wave splashes over the doorway on opening and welcomes the “breakfast boosters”. Kick starting the day with a pre-work pit stop, zombies on arrival are rocket men on departure. The … Continue reading

Regaining control of your commute

The London commute is a trying and stressful adventure for many of us. Travelling in to London or across it, rail is frequently the only viable option, and so we’re at the mercy of it every day. The alarm clock in the morning is the ‘starting-gun’ for the race to work. The first leg of the race is to be at the opportune place on the platform ready to commandeer a seat on the arriving … Continue reading

The consumers dilemma on a night out

When the call for heading out for a sociable drink at a bar with friends beckons, nobody wants to waste time thinking about where they should go. You just want to be there; in the right place that suits you. No worries, just pleasant conversation whilst enjoying a refreshing drink. Sounds good doesn’t it. Sounds easy, and so it should be. How many of us have our stomping grounds? The areas that we know really … Continue reading