Shnergle Post Mortem

I led Shnergle. It failed. The buck stops here. I had bucket loads of life experience, but I was naïve at starting businesses; I was well outside my comfort zone (though would freely admit to it). Through the help of a lot of advice and online blogs (especially yours Mark Suster) we got a lot right, but we still made a bucket load of fundamental errors that I would tackle differently next time. A number … Continue reading

It’s the end of the line for Shnergle

When Jonny and I were first incubating the idea for Shnergle and working out how best to bring it to life, someone suggested that Shnergle should be a creature (think kid cartoon-esque). I understood the concept at the time and thought it was a good one, but we decided to not to take this approach. I can’t offer any insight into whether we made a good or a bad choice at that point, but as … Continue reading

Shnergle has launched!

Shnergle has launched! The three words we’ve been impatient to say and you’ve been craving to hear. If this is the first time these 3 words have caressed your ears, then clearly you haven’t been Shnergling, so where have you been? I can only assume that you have been invited to play a lengthy game of Risk in a hermits hollow somewhere. Fear naught, before you read any further download Shnergle and catchup! So, the … Continue reading

A man without mistakes is a man who hasn’t tried…

Recently, Rob and I were invited to discuss startups with a group of London school children at Google campus. As we hadn’t launched yet, we weren’t keen to ‘plug’ Shnergle. So, we took a different approach and talked about some insights of our journey so far we thought they’d find interesting. Here’s a little summary… First point to make was – happy people succeed. As Blaise Pascal once said, ‘all men seek happiness…’ To achieve … Continue reading