Perfect brew timing

Shoreditch GrindEvery morning, commuters across London partake in the “cardboard coffee cup ceremony”. Carrying their disposable mugs like a royal orb. The daily morning demand for takeaway coffee is habitual, or for some a necessity.

Brew drinkers visit cafés in waves throughout the day. The first wave splashes over the doorway on opening and welcomes the “breakfast boosters”. Kick starting the day with a pre-work pit stop, zombies on arrival are rocket men on departure. The “mid-morning escapers” are the next wave to surface. Typically around 1030, having fired-off a few emails and demonstrating some work progress, these will spill out from the office in search of their caffeine hit. Cafés must then prepare and rebuild their defences in time for the big invasion at noon; enter the “lunchtime raiders”. Speed is of the essence in the lunch hour, and the more time that is spent queuing and waiting takes away from the precious time remaining for enjoying a deserving break.

Whichever wave you surf on, timing your visit can often be crucial. Nothing can be more disappointing than arriving and seeing what you didn’t expect; the queue coming out of the door, nowhere to sit down, food choice is minimal. It’s frustrating and now it’s affecting your decision whether to stay and be patient or take your chances elsewhere. Ultimately, your time is beginning to feel wasted. Time to make a quick decision.

If only you had checked on Shnergle first!

Having spared a moment to check out the Shnergle app on your phone before you set off could have avoided a wasted trip. Seeing what the situation was like in the café before you’d committed to go, may have convinced you to either go somewhere else, or go at a different time.

Alas, all is not lost!

Why not use the Shnergle app now? You’re stood somewhere you no longer want to be and still need to find somewhere to go. You’re back in to the decision cycle of deciding where to go. Pull your phone out your pocket and see for yourself what the venues are looking like around you. Make it your default setting, think to yourself – ‘I’m still deciding, can Shnergle help?’

Shnergle can help you make the best choice at the time you are making your decision.

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