Shnergle has launched!

Shnergle - Around Me ScreenshotShnergle has launched! The three words we’ve been impatient to say and you’ve been craving to hear. If this is the first time these 3 words have caressed your ears, then clearly you haven’t been Shnergling, so where have you been? I can only assume that you have been invited to play a lengthy game of Risk in a hermits hollow somewhere. Fear naught, before you read any further download Shnergle and catchup!

So, the app was released in the UK App Store on Thursday 15 August. Having jumped through the hoops with Apple, we were elated to have it approved. Right then chaps, green light, good to go!

It’s in our DNA to move fast. So the time to spring from the trap was obvious, go at once! (huh-hmm) Just one problem – I wasn’t going to be around for the launch date. I had a prior engagement to attend a dear friend’s wedding in Finland. What does this mean? Our CMO, the man who had been planning on how we would enter the market will not be present on launch day!

Should we delay?

Certainly not! We’ll adapt and overcome. I don’t believe that question ever entered anybody’s mind, especially when Rob said to me with a wry smile on handover before I left, “your laptop’s portable right?” The connotations were obvious; my wife will be thrilled! I was sad not to be present, as it’s the moment every marketer is chomping at the bit for. Such is life, dwell no further.

As I jetted off to sample the saunas, the team were preparing to ‘go over the top’. Roles and responsibilities were to take an abrupt change as Rob was leading the charge on a weekend Promo Team campaign. A situation alien to everyone, but just like everything experienced so far it was a case of learn fast and implement quickly. Mistakes may well happen, they are part of the learning process.

The whistles have blown! Over we go!

The first weekend taught us much. Much about our customer, much about the app and much about ourselves. A transformation was occurring. So far the app had been built to a specification largely determined internally. Now, the app must be adapted to feedback coming externally; from the public. Adam, Stian and Harshita were quick on the uptake and were already building updates to improve the app, with version 1.2 coming only a few days after launch and 1.3 due in a few days from now. Each one making a significant improvement to performance and customer satisfaction.

As we seek out ways to make Shnergle successful like our lives depended on it. Our mantra remains that we will only fail if we stop learning and fail to implement what we’ve learnt.

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